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Exhibition Plinths We design and produce a vast array of Exhibition Plinths to display all manner of items should you so require. Whether you need exhibition plinths for an exhibition show or display plinths for your shop we here at Bespoke MDF can help you out. Predominantly, we create exhibition plinths from 18mm or 12mm MDF, however if you have certain MDF requirements that too is no problem and we’d be happy to assist. Our bespoke created display plinths can be designed and made with either square cut edges which are then adhered and screwed or alternatively can be created with 16 cut mitres which form a seamless MDF Display Plinth. We call these Premium Exhibition Plinths. We can leave our exhibition plinths in bare MDF for you to paint, varnish vinyl wrap etc. should you so choose. Alternatively, we can finish our display plinths in any colour you require.

Mouldings all of our exhibition plinths can have a small 3mm radius edge, small chamfer or left as they originally are.

Open and Backed Plinths We can also create an open or backed display plinths. If you’re looking for a different and unique way to display your personal items then our open or backed display plinths are just what you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a specific idea in mind however.

Storage Plinths, Both our premium exhibition plinths and square exhibition plinths can be created with a door in one side or at one end with a shelf/shelves inside for storage should you so require it.

Stackable Sets, Another popular option are the nesting display plinths. These are great for transporting to exhibitions and are low on storage due to the fact each plinth fits neatly inside each other.

Display Podiums, Along with display plinths we manufacture a large collection of display podiums to suit your specific requirements. We have created a square mannequin display pedestal which we can manufacture in any size or shape to suit your needs. We also have created circle display podiums which are exceptionally popular for wedding shops as they are capable of holding the weight of a bride during dress fittings and also make it possible to see the entirety of the dress. Moreover, they can be used for photo shoots before the big day.


Stock We have a generous range of exhibition Plinths which can be delivered in within 3-5 working days. However, confirmation of this will be discussed before purchasing any items.

Delivery From our business address in Essex we offer delivery to the whole of the UK. Prices of delivery vary depending on the location and size of the item. Just let us know your exact location and we can quote you trying to give you the most cost effective price possible. Picking up from us in Essex is also and option. If you would like to place an order or require any further information on our Exhibition Plinths and display podiums please feel free to contact us (link to contact us page).

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